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"I can say without a doubt that my digestive system is much happier since I started including this in my protocol!" -Sonia P.

Tummy Soothe

  • Tummy Soothe is a comprehensive blend ofimmunoglobulins and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine, specifically formulated to help repair and support the health of the gut lining.This is a must have tool in your digestive health kit and can be used both to reverse flare-ups and to support every day digestive health.Tummy Soothe fosters a healthy inflammatory response in the GI tract and supports the intestinal barrier to help fight off antigens, boost digestive function and create a protective barrier within the digestive tract. 

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It makes a difference!

I’ve tried a few A Gutsy Girls products and have no complaints! I started with Tummy Soothe and noticed a change in a couple weeks. The cramping and bloating that I had on a daily basis has lessened significantly. I will continue adding this product and a couple more to my daily routine. I always bring it when I travel, and there is hardly a taste to it! I highly recommend for those of you struggling with tummy issues (cramping, bloating, other sensitivities)!! It makes a difference!

Breanna Petty
Tummy Smooth

For years I’ve struggled with digestive issues. I’ve always had a really sensitive stomach so decided to look for into gut health and that’s how I eventually found tummy smooth. I’ve been incorporating it in my morning bone broth and while I haven’t noticed the biggest difference yet (it’s only been 2 weeks), I do feel like I have been experiencing a little less bloating and discomfort. I like how it doesn’t have a gross taste so it’s easy to incorporate into anything. I would definitely recommend giving this a try if you have leaky gut.

Nikki Graber
Amazing results in under 2 weeks

I have been looking deeper into digestive/immune health products for sometime for my constant bloating. It seems after every meal or when traveling my stomach tends to get upset and I never feel the same. I read up on the ingredient ImmunoLin and found a ton of research showing it goes after the underlying cause of inflammation in the gut. I started adding Tummy Soothe into my morning regimen and after 2 weeks I had no issues anymore after eating or exploring new areas. Been taking it for about a month and have never felt better! That active antibodies in this lactose free IgG product really work wonders. Highly recommend for anyone dealing with digestive issues!!! :)

Tummy soothe

I have tried all sorts of supplements. Tummy soothe gave me a month of holding my breath thinking wow have most of my digestive symptoms gone away? After my month was up i felt like my problems came back. Not having good bowel movements and feeling bloated. Excited to try this product again and see what happens! And it doesn’t have a disgusting taste! 🙌🏼