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"I'm finally free from bloating and constipation, best supplements EVER!" -Alex W.

The Gutsy Bundle

  • Formulated with the highest quality ingredients and up to date research, this high quality supplement bundle supports your foundational gut health from A - Z.

    Break Down - a comprehensive formula designed to support optimal digestion and absorption of essential nutrients.

    Move Now - support healthy magnesium levels to promote rest, proper nerve function and good digestion and elimination

    Tummy Soothe - supports a healthy intestinal lining and gut health.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Karen S
Break Down

I have found Break Down to work very well for keeping me regular and breaking down the food that I eat! I highly recommend it! ☺️

Great products that work!

I haven't been using this bundle for long, but I can tell a difference already in my body. I look forward to the benefits of continued use and have already placed a new order to ensure I don't run out. I have struggled for years with digestive issues, and I am pretty versed in nutrition and supplements. Honestly, I wasn't sure what difference these would make and just used what I knew. First of all I truly think the Tummy Soothe has been such a huge benefit, especially with the Break Down. In fact I recently snagged a few fries from my family the other night from Habit that usually cause me to react due to the gluten. It's not a horrible reaction, more of an irritation, but it was nice to see that these supplements are working. I have a long road to recovery due to many digestive issues and a very bad dairy allergy. But I feel better knowing these are helping me in my road to recovery. The Move Now has been addedly beneficial for my awful cramps, I have taken a few extra during that time.
These are not a quick fix, so don't expect your issues to be corrected in a short time, but I pay attention to my body and what I eat and can see the small changes in the right direction! Also, I want to say that Sarah is amazing with her customer service! I have contacted her with some questions I had and she was very responsive and helpful! If you are on the fence to purchase this bundle, go for it! You won't be disappointed! Quality product and service!

Finally feeling like myself

Went in head first to try these because I wanted to feel like me again. I have to say being on the Gutsy bundle & More Omega, my belly LOVES me again!!
I’m definitely a true believer of these products are now in my budget and will be a Gutsy groupie!! ❤️❤️

Finally something that actually works!

I have tried so many digestive products and spent way too much money trying to find something that works.
These products have helped my digestive issues so much, biggest improvement is no bloating anymore.
Thank you for developing these, I never want to be without them!!

Allison P.
SO Happy!

I can't begin to express how much the Gutsy Bundle has helped me relieve the pain in my gut! I hardly bloat anymore and the embarrassing gas is gone!